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What is Vibing Up?

  5 Daily Intentions to Remember  “Who You Are”

1. Attune                                                            2. Intend                                                            3. Be Conscious                                              4. Surrender                                                    5. Flow with Source

A Letter from Your Inner Being

Hello being of love and light,

I adore you in all of your perfection right where you are – in this perfect moment in your life journey.  You are on the path of “Remembering” and becoming more with every breath.  All is well and beautiful. I am revelling in the expansion that you have created for “us” and that I am swirling in right now.  The contrast serves you well in coming to your perfect, unique preferences and your ultimate expansion into who you really are.   I am here with you always, standing in the energy of Source, flowing and being.   I feel you and when you turn in my direction and we share that blending of energy it is delicious, intoxicating indeed.   I spend every moment in delight of you out here on the leading edge, experimenting and fine-tuning and know that I am always right here with you. To feel me just tune into good thoughts and feelings – for that is your work.  There is nothing that needs to be different for you to feel good and in resonance with me, for you can in any moment step into your knowing that you are love and light, that you are joy and bliss and swoosh be there with me.   Again I adore you and see your perfection undeniably!

How may I serve your journey?