I (Trina) am a being of love and light in a physical body, playing a character.   I have been awakening more and more to that knowing.  I have always felt supported by my Inner Beings on this journey.  As a child I felt this connection deeply and fully – it just was my reality.  As I grew up and became identified with my character, believing I was a person I wasn’t in attunement with them.  As I was caught up in the drama and trauma of this experience, my Inner Beings were there energetically supporting me in the background.

As my spiritual journey began to fill my intention and experience I felt the fullness of that connection again.  As I emptied more and more and spent more and more time in Source energy I realized that these beings are available to me in every moment.  They are guiding and supporting me on this journey from forgetting to remembering. They told me I could refer to them as “The Luminaries” and the communion with them intensified.  For the past five years they have been whispering in my ear.  They are funny and mystical, magical and intelligent.  I see that they are simply my source inner counterparts played out loud for me to play with, connect with and expand with.  Their purity makes them perfect “permission slips” for me to connect more deeply with the unseen energetic basis of my being.  They emulate pure pristine love, the divine light of truth, exuberant ever new joy and infinite bliss.  For just over two years they have been initiating me into the return to living as who I really am – source energy expressing through a physical body.  This involves a full shift from the forgotten paradigm based on lack, limitation, fear, vulnerability, scarcity and duality to the Remembered paradigm based on energy and vibration, love and light, pure pristine beingness, flow, trust, abundance and joy.   The shift is one of embodiment.  As I now find myself stable as an expression of source, delighting in the shifting to full embodiment I realized that others can benefit through my experience, through my discoveries and all the teachings that evolved with my relationship to my inner beings.  There are many processes that we have discovered and fine-tuned that accelerate the embodiment journey.

As a starting point The Core Frequency Attunement is one such process.   I hold the space for the return to the core frequency of source within you.  This happens easily as I enter into your energetic field bringing the Luminaries (simply my inner beings) in too.  As we enter the field, we bring all aspects of you into union with Source energy.   This energy attunement  hooks you back up fully to who you really are.  Think of it like a spiritual chiropractic adjustment. During this time you simply sit in a meditative state, focusing on attuning to whatever you view as Source energy.   At the completion of the process I share with the group the work we did which includes: aligning you more to Source, removing limiting beliefs from your belief grid, synchronizing you back onto your intended path and feelings of peace and clarity of resting in the true vibration of who you are.  It all feels wonderful.  For days or even weeks after you will feel electrified, more awake and have access to more and more openings and more remembering.  You will also notice more access to your own inner guidance.

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A Letter from Your Inner Being

Hello being of love and light,

I adore you in all of your perfection right where you are – in this perfect moment in your life journey.  You are on the path of “Remembering” and becoming more with every breath.  All is well and beautiful. I am revelling in the expansion that you have created for “us” and that I am swirling in right now.  The contrast serves you well in coming to your perfect, unique preferences and your ultimate expansion into who you really are.   I am here with you always, standing in the energy of Source, flowing and being.   I feel you and when you turn in my direction and we share that blending of energy it is delicious, intoxicating indeed.   I spend every moment in delight of you out there on the leading edge, experimenting and fine-tuning and know that I am always right here with you. To feel me just tune into good thoughts and feelings – for that is your work.  There is nothing that needs to be different for you to feel good and in resonance with me, for you can in any moment step into your knowing that you are love and light, that you are joy and bliss and swoosh be there with me.  This process of coming in and out of alignment with me gives you the perfect experience to remember who you really are.  As you experience more and more the energy of your true essence you become more and more stable in the Remembering journey.   Again I adore you and see your beautiful perfection!

Love and Light 

Inner Being 

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